Maybe my words don’t have value as much as yours… but I’d still write about you. I’d write about you on empty music sheets and dusky dawn, through the corners of an old hallway, through freezing glass windows on a Monday morning, through sunsets and good nights that were never said. I’d write about you until–

Until you knew that it’s you I’m writing about.

13 Replies to “I’D WRITE ABOUT YOU”

  1. I hope they know that you’re writing about them because your words are enough to melt anyone with the warmth of love! But pardon my logic here: If they come to know that you’re writing about them–would you stop writing? That would be a loss for rest of us! And loss for posterity as well! Blessed is the one who you write for and blessed are the rest who could read about your love!

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      1. Strange you still feel about the person, no they mean a world to you because you write so well about them and yet you don’t have the courage to interact with them. Relations and love are really strange. But you’ve a good heart as is evident. I would pray for both of you πŸ™‚

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