Losing myself is like
being left in a secluded island
chained into the neck-deep water
under the gloomy skies
where the sun got tired of rising,
and there’s no more stars left shining
seeking for rescue
that only I, myself, can give
yet I don’t know how to swim

So helpless as it seems,
The moon gradually appears
in between the dark clouds above

I see drowned pieces of myself
sparkling by the moonlight

If I couldn’t entirely fight for the world,
I’ll just write about it, I thought

Then darkness and light,
comes out and gets in
through the cracks
of these moonlit pieces
I dearly keep

And to you
who’s reading this right now,
I hope you know
there’s a light in you
dazzling and sparkling, too


8 Replies to “MOONLIT PIECES

  1. love this. I can really see you alone in an island seeking rescue but not knowing how to swim. I am sure you do now.. I love that island. It is dark, but it is me, it gives me lessons… to me, it was always a well of sorrows. To you, an island. But both, meaning the same. Lots of love for you!!!! and light, but I see you shining up high, so…

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