I have a firm belief that black is never the absence of color and light but rather a fusion of it. A unification of all the broken and bent. A combination of all colors existing. It is an absorbency of light, and warmth. It is the end product of them all in harmony, with underlying solace and courage. And that makes it heavy, and full. Profound, and substantial, brimming to the point of being mistaken. I don’t know how else to explain it, when you questioned the existence of my love, and my sensitivity. You said you never saw rainbows in me. You questioned my comprehension, and my essence.

For I told you, I’m black. My heart is black. My love for you is black.

4 Replies to “BLACK

  1. Black is the color of the Absolute and even Science tells that black absorbs everything. He who didn’t understand your black love must be unfortunate but calling someone unfortunate is denigrating my own aspect. And you would also feel bad. What is beyond mind is dark because mind can’t fathom it and black is still distinguishable–dark is not recognized by senses. It’s reality–as solid, one, dark unified block!

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