I need to get rid of the demon roving around inside me
pierce, prick, slit, sip!
my blood drips like red wine from the cracks of a glass,
my skin loses its color
and like rotten petals,
I fall off one by one from my stem
I’m all over the ground, dressed in muddy misery
the sharpness of shards killed my tongue,
so I buried them in my mouth
abhorrent of my own thorns hurting my eyes,
I avoided my reflection in the waters
I hear it trickling on my bulging skin, one by one as a song of lament
the smell of nicotine and ethanol in the air encloses me,
until it became my breath,
until it became myself
an attempt to poison the part of me who wants to kill me
numbing me of the contraction in my body—
my molecules trying to break free
I succumb to fatal melancholia,
light a candle now for my remains and begin to play a requiem as I dig my grave
For I shall rise in the dark
I am a breathing cemetery
of all my ill personas in lively masks
buried in me were the rise and fall of time
buried in me were tortuous and tangled thoughts
buried in me were the tragedies of mine
and my bruises were tombstones engraved with scars
Yes, I’m all over the ground, dressed in muddy misery
again and again
but like an old golden super moon,
I shall rise in the dark
again and again until it ends


24 Replies to “THE RISE AND FALL

  1. I succumb to fatal melancholia,
    light a candle now for my remains and begin to play a requiem as I dig my grave
    For I shall rise in the dark
    I am a breathing cemetery
    of all my ill personas in lively masks
    buried in me were the rise and fall of time

    This is a poem enough for me! Dunno about the rest! Ha Ha Ha. Thank you for sharing!

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      1. You’re welcome! And the words, images and scenery reminds me of an old poet friend whom I loved! I really love the images you’ve used here: it seems you like horror flicks like I do!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do. However, I’ve limited myself in watching those ’cause I tend to have a very vivid imagination and sensitivity at times, and it feels awful. I guess, I’ve already had enough horror inside 😂

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  2. As much as the words are beautifully strung together and woven in the fiber of darkness with such intricacy, I seem to read through the lines unknowingly
    A breathing cemetry ain’t the residence of the dead
    For all is over when all is given up, nothing done and only said
    So rise, oh fallen one!
    For your time is drawing near
    Darkness comes close to one
    Who feel its fear
    Your body ain’t a crumble of flaws
    I might as well say with my belief
    Its a temple the divine built
    To nurture the angel with claws
    Alluring may the darkness be
    For it shall reflect and caress your mind
    The you you try to run away from
    And the changes you haven’t known of a kind
    So rise, oh surrounded one
    You’ll find your way, when you stand up and sway like Lloyd
    Dance your rhythm, inhale your joy
    Kiss your happiness and make out with yourself ahoy!
    Let it echo in your void
    And through the grace of eternal time!

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