The clock is ticking…
run, little one, run!
as fast as you could before they get you
hide behind the tree, and its leaves will shower you like confetti
dig, little one, dig!
ten feet below
three flowers were cut todayβ€”
Love, Hope, and Faith
gather up their bones
you shall cloak them with burnt umber soil,
let them rest in your chest
and let tears water them ’til you fall into slumber
bury, no, plant them like seeds
and tomorrow they shall grow
again, I promise


21 Replies to “THE RISE AND FALL II

  1. This is so melancholic almost a scene from a horror film. Even the picture is sad compared to the previous post which was more introspective and exuded originality and individuality. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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