My vicious muses were clad in pastel vintage dresses today

dozing in the cradle of my mind

high on substance and depth

as Elvis’ voice soothes their frantic nerves

as if it were Sunday morning and they’re sucking its aurora

like caramel pacifiers on their overwrought merlot lips

my voluptuous heart undulates, purrs like Marilyn

with butterfly eyelashes fluttering

in sync with my typewriter’s clicks sounding like bees buzzing

as these hands drip the words dipped in honey and lime

into a piece with the flavour that of classic creams and pies

My sun drunk old soul is swiveling on the phonograph

with a needle on my tongue in helical grooves

taking turns between sipping my twinings tea and licking the blue moonβ€”

Oh, I drool!

The melodies disperse and fly like smoke in the air,

my spirits are giggling

as I drift and float and sink in my vintage euphoria

41 Replies to “BLUE MOON”

  1. This is refreshingly soothing! Lovely words. How many spirits you have which are giggling? Don’t worry I am merely jiggling jingle bell. Blue Moon is still far away with an eclipse on its lips. πŸ™‚

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  2. I decided to read this, one more time.I love this. Blue moon, it reminds me of so many good things. By the way, I loooove Marilyn, I actually considered her my guardian angel for years and would speak (without replies, haha) to her when I was a teen. Love how you talk about the voices in your head, in this one…. vicious muses. ha

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    1. I’m glad!!! I love her too, I always imagine her with those long curly eyelashes and her voice, oh it’s enough to make anyone go crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ’– And I love Elvis too. Have you heard of Lana Del Rey? She loves Marilyn and Elvis just as much and her music is so damn good!! πŸ’˜ *Okay I’m typing this with so much excitement in my heart haha! Thank you, I’m thrilled to know you like it 🌻β™₯


      1. hahaha that is great! I imagine you going all beserk with the keyboard! haha πŸ™‚ I like elvis but I wouldn’t have been mad about him. Lana, I love land of gods and monsters and she has a brilliant voice but never got into her. What is your favourite song of hers?

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      2. Hey I am listening to it, right now. I like some songs. Some are too poppy to me. I loooove Dark Paradise… the lyrics are just… it makes me want to cry. Anyway, I used your contact page as a test…I don’t want my email to be displayed so I will add a contact page to my blog. I had it but I can’t find it on my phone. I will find a way to contact you privately. haha πŸ™‚

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