Stars explode, moon bursts
The fatality hits me
I’m covered in palls

What comfort and bliss
do they find in all the noise?
Fuck the war in me
(Fuck the war in us)

39 Replies to “THE WAR IN ME”

  1. this sounds like someone is sick and tired of the ebb and flow of human desires and wants that makes our experience a human one. I get it too. Hey, but being a lover of stars, I am sure you know this super – cliche but forever prudent quote by Nietzsche: “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” so, let us chaos, sister!

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    1. Hey, thank you. πŸ’– I really appreciate the nomination. However, I’d like to maintain an award free blog but please do know that I’m open for any conversations or discussions thru my contact page. But really, thank you✨🌻

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