Whenever tragedy hits me in the core, a montage flashes before my iris.
I see faces and bodies.
I see resurrection of stories and memories.
I see stitched skin ruptures,
marks outstretch,
the inhumed wounds exhume.
I think of my grandmother, my grandfather.
I think of a Japanese sun, and my father.
My fist trembles and squeezes so tight, just to feel something else.
I crumple their remnants in the air, and my hands moist but my eyes remain to be a desert.
I shake my brain to see if they’re gonna fall from it but nothing happens.
Their bones are with me, bits under this skin, and bits between these letters.
The hunters hunt for those kind of bones.
They scan me and they examine me, frequently.
I managed to hide. But now, they have come again.
They scan me, they examine me.
I poke my desert eyes, attempting to find an oasis to flush the montage that will soon flash before my iris, but nothing happens.
They hit me now in the core, they hit me some more, and a montage flashes now before my iris.
I see faces and bodies.
I see resurrection of stories and memories.
I see stitched skin ruptures,
marks outstretch,
the inhumed wounds exhume.
I see my grandmother, my grandfather.
I see a Japanese sun, and my father.
I see myself.

For their bones are within me, and I am them.

The hunters are always prepared with their hooks, and they can now smell the scent of success.

I shrunk, I curled.

I’m bruised in hues.

As my lips quiver, I render my breath to say these last words to you,

I’m gonna miss you.

38 Replies to “I’M GONNA MISS YOU”

  1. You have given life to your words and there are dissolved into my imagination now Eli.
    I understand your pain, your mind and your numb skin right now. The missing part is always brutal and I feel you.

    But you know you are much stronger than you think you are. Always. This piece is really freaking swelling up my mind now.

    Hugs and love to you sweetie!

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    1. I always do savour your words, Devika. And I do admire your strength as well. I’m sorry though, if in any way this has affected you… I hope you are doing good. Thank you so much for believing in me.. Take care 🌹 Love & hugs xxx


  2. This is such a heart-wrenching poem. Wow Eli, you really tugged at my heart strings with this one. Missing someone is brutally painful. As soon as I read the title I was reminded by the song “Miss You” by the Alabama Shakes: https://youtu.be/NHA2f0hzMTE

    Anyway, thought I would share the song with you and just as a little side note tell you that you are welcome to contact me anytime if you need a stranger to talk to or something. The love and support on your end has been so great, so I would like to reciprocate. So if there ever is anything, than just hit me up! Lots of love xxx

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  3. Well death is not the worst thing can happened to you.Life is ! Your loved ones are on much safer,much better and much peaceful place right now.They are watching you and protecting you from all evil you can face on Earth.Their death brought them a new life.One day you will be together again sharing only happiness and joy.

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  4. Hmm. Take care eEli. The post conveyed the emotions you wanted to convey, which seem like a mess. Anyhow, your writing is elegant! and your words eloquent. This much I can say, but you must be already knowing this! Ha Ha Ha. Have a great day buddy!

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  5. It’s beautifully written. It touched deep within, I don’t even know where I think. To have such amazing skill to write this is just… I’m speechless.
    The moon has many craters but it still spins
    The meteors hunt it and hit it with and without their whims
    But the moon still rotates
    The sun may shine on it, once this side and once another
    The moon still shines, keeping its dark side for a day another
    It has no breath, no air
    No life, no spare
    If anything its the embodiment of a void
    Yet the lovely moon revolves untired
    Without sadness, a smile and no scare
    For her will to live is greater
    Than the absence of life sustaining air
    – 🐺 πŸ‘‰ πŸŒ™

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  6. You show how vulnerable you’re with such eloquence. This is indeed very moving and like other friends I hope you’re writing and feeling better. Have a great day, Eli πŸ™‚

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  7. I don’t think I know of another writer who conveys their emotion as demonstrative as you do. It is always earnest & not intended to impress but to connect with the reader in a profound way. You’re a gift. ❀

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