Did you even consider what Monday would feel before proclaiming how much you hate it?

Did you ask yourself what Monday did to you for you to have the guts to detest it?

Did you even consider to contemplate if Monday would like to be Monday?

Or if Monday is really the Monday you see and you think you know?

Or if you’d still despise Monday if you didn’t know it was Monday?

Is Monday really the enemy here?

“Die, Monday, die…”
“Oh, fuck Monday…”
“Hey Monday, weak and freak…”
“Monday is a basic bitch…”
“Monday is a whore..”

And more.Β Do you think you’d survive if you will become Monday?

Well, you know what Monday did?

All Monday ever did was to try and hope to start the week fresh.

And though you’d continue to curse it, once a week, at least four times a month, and fifty-three times this year,

Monday will continue to rise.

Monday will continue to be a part of the week and the year.

And you have to accept that you’re gonna be facing Mondays for the rest of your life, anywhere.

Monday deserves respect, peace, and love, too.

This may sound like an utter nonsense, but if you may, please read between the lines.

I’m trying to fight for all the Mondays (out there)

13 Replies to “MONDAY”

  1. go, monday, go! i think we must be on the same wave, eli…i woke up this morning thinking, “so this is what monday looks like” when i looked in the mirror and saw crazy. and then i tried to be more positive about it, and smiled, and monday wasn’t terrible at all!

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