The sky is terribly crying for us today. I see every drops trickling and washing away the red puddles that your body painted on the ground, in front of my house.

I’m asking myself, if it is what I want too.

Why it has to be me?

Why it has to be you?

Why I can’t be deaf and blind for news like this.

Why I can’t unlearn the darkness.

Why this tongue can only tell them,

“I’m sorry, I can’t go out.”

and nothing else.

I couldn’t tell them that I’m so tired of not tasting the warmth of my coffee.

I couldn’t tell them that I’m hugging the bathroom, so I could dance with you.

My dear.

I lit my body parts today, they burn black and white, just as these letters do.

My heart hums and sings with you.
For we know this harmony so well.

Until the last note,
hear me sing,
I shall see you soon.

Rest now, my dear one.

Rest now.

This candle melts for you.



      1. There,s a certain beauty in despair and frustation, too. The beauty of our existence. And your piece portrayed it perfectly well. A monotonous existence like that a rock that, let’s say, that sunk long ago to the bottom of a pond for ages, and that which lies undisturbed, forgotten, wouldn’t be a pretty thing to imagine, ain’t it? In that sense, human existence is pretty lively, spiced up with sorrows and joys; it’s just that we don’t see ourselves from a third person perspective, we think of selves always from a first person POV. For a moment, detach yourself from your ‘self’ and imagine yourself as a God reading your book of life, or watching you onanscreen. You’ll be amused when you look at yourself from a 3rd person POV. Aren’t we humans amusing? A hotch potch of infinite things. Ha Ha Ha. Now, isn’t that beautiful when compared to that lonely rock that lies deseted on the bed of the pond, alone, listless, ……. (Add some Eddie Vedde here, lololol). ☺️☺️

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      2. Yup! Eixtence is a very confusing topic, I must admit! Different philosophies handle it differently! And non are absoltely right, and non are absolutely wrong! Online debates are the worst! Ha Ha Ha. Cheers to my blogname again! 🎉🎊🍭

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