1. A change in your rhyming sequence, a few words popping here and there. Lol. Don’t fret over it, by the way. Could be just a coincidence! 😄😊😊

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      2. They want me to lick their lollipops and pop the elastic balloons with my tongue and teeth. Their heads contain nothing but helium. Swallow or spit.

        I read it again. This brought me a chuckle, you know, like again. The metaphor wizardry was very gruesome here. I have to admit. It didn’t grow old.

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      3. Hmm. I think I will experiment with this genre as well, from a male’s perspective. Maybe in the evening. Lol! I’d like to see the reaction, I might mention the name of the parent blog as well. 😊 Have a great day! ☕☕

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      4. I am thinking of a topic, now. I’ve decided not to give the male prespective! People will label me a mysoginist! Lol. But it has to be grisly! Any recommendations Eli! I’ll start, soon.

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      5. Aah! Come on! No problem, re! 😊😊 I was searching for some inspiration in this blogosphere. The topic is drafted in my mind, though, but am a bit tired today! 😊

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