Moonlit Pieces

Another lost light,
the kid inside me shivers in fright
this life felt so foreign
ever since you were taken by pain
With eyes shut,
I saw your face and my chest was so tight
the wind whistles and sings of my ceasing dreams
a ghost of us blankets me tonight
out in the cold, where I chase the rising sun
the faster I run, the farther the sun
as languishing as mazes,
as dizzying as whirlpools
round and round
until I can see none, until I’m almost gone
but the thought of you rekindles a fire
freezing inside me
I melt an outcry
and felt so alive
I sniff fervor in the air
as I dance with the ghost of us tonight
to the music of my dreams
I swore by the night—
our algid lips shall be kissed by the sun,
and its rays shall wrap us…

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The day I welcomed darkness, I lay by the window watching the sunrise of memories deliquesce upon my morbid mouth Smelling the peaches of no surprise, I let it swill unto my deforested cavity I've been expecting its infliction Prepared the table with a cup of coffee and cigarettes, Urged to change the warm comfy …


I wore your hat to protect my head from the debris falling from our family tree but the spilling blues and red, lumps the purple on my skin The invisible scars, the indelible tints Throbs and thumps within 'Cause father, when you left I saw how mother went out in the cold gasping for life, …