56th death anniversary 🌹

Moonlit Pieces

I’ve memorized how poppies dance in my blood every midnight,
Til I turn into a pale moonlight
A stasis in the night, cloudy eyelids shut

And then I rise like thin hairs on skin, cold breeze within
A dark house in my universe,
A paperweight head in dirty white sheets

The pain we share burns now in the eye of the emerging sun, flickering
Piercing my windows, hanging on my ceiling

I ingest sugar pills in the morning,
I ingest art, I ingest you
My favorite breakfast
The extracts from your left breast—
the white milk leftovers prepared before you left
I keep stirring, concocting my black coffee
And then I eat the crumbs of you
Transcendence occurs in my stomach
Oh, how you speak too much and too little!
Your words in turmoil, I taste
As the claws of letters hook my skin

I hear the birds sing your…

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Losing myself is like being left in a secluded island chained into the neck-deep water under the gloomy skies where the sun got tired of rising, and there's no more stars left shining seeking for rescue that only I, myself, can give yet I don't know how to swim So helpless as it seems, The …