I wore your hat to protect my head
from the debris falling from our family tree
but the spilling blues and red,
lumps the purple on my skin
The invisible scars, the indelible tints
Throbs and thumps within
‘Cause father, when you left
I saw how mother went out in the cold
gasping for life, bereft
She wore my hug to warm her skin, to endure your sin
I caught the cerulean falling stars from her cheeks
and wished for a warmer tomorrow
The bleak moonbeams break
I held the fragments of her soul harrowed
Saturated, dispersed
The sky was disintegrating on our bodies,
perforating our flesh, dilapidating our minds
And everyday I drink mother’s whines
‘Cause father, when you left
I was out in the cold like her
I was my mother, I was a seeker
My soul traversed through the mists,
with your love’s empty fists
I found solace in the flickering light of a melting house, a melting wax
And there I dipped my nib
I sipped catharsis, I sipped relief
And then the pain of you spewed
An icy mountain of desires formed somewhere
I know, you were once there
Now, a part of us is still out in the cold
But my love’s unceasing and my heart shall remain as bold

73 Replies to “OUT IN THE COLD”

  1. This was beautiful, while I didn’t get the time! Lol! ☺️☺️
    But I made a cardboard guitar for my cousin, took the whole day! 😎

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  2. Externalization, internalization, externalization is how pain heals and artistic device which projects our pain in most sensible and subtle ways on other objects and subjects is also the cathartic outlet which heals. This is original and brilliant you, Eli. Have a great day πŸ™‚ ❀

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  3. Superbly articulated emotions! I am in awe of the choice of your words…piercing deeply and carting the reader in the cold, described so vividly, exuding pain, loss and support…poetry can be so powerful!
    I am glad to connect with your blog Eli, guided by Diana’s blog share.

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