I saw you stood like a palm tree
with drooped leaves falling free
I heard you laughed without a sound
and it echoed beneath the ground
There’s a yellow orange gumball you didn’t chew
it was stuck in your throat, choking you
your lips were unripe plums turning into prunes
as your smile loomed like a waning crescent moon
The melting sunrays gushed on your Marigold face,
your pale body desiccates
you are merely skin and bones now, cloaked in dirty white
I melt like a waxy stalactite
I’m popping poppies in my head
you rid me of the reds,
and left me the ocean blues

I witnessed how you vanished today
like obsolete words of poetry
you spread your letters mid-air, collapsing in the fire
and its ashes are clinging now on my hair

Love, love, I know
You felt so used
But why did you kiss demise like a long lost lover?
Why did you cross the rope of false hope?
I’m running out of answers
I’m walking the same rope tied
Tell me, is that where lost souls meet?
Wait for me on the other side,
I am a funambulist.

41 Replies to “S”

  1. why did you kiss demise like a long lost lover! Oh, I know that damn well. This is one of my favourites by you, so far! Well done! I still want to connect w u, by the way!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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